Sunday, January 15, 2012

carrot cake with cream cheese topping


Alhamdulillah last week I got a chance to bake cake .. This time i try to bake a cake that I never bake before that is carrot cake with cream cheese topping.. I was kind a worry when preparing this cake because the mixer and electrical oven can't be use. I got to use manual mixer by using my own energy mixing all the ingredient. Next is the process of baking. I use the traditional oven to bake it. Its kind a hard because u got to always observed the temperature so it will not get to hot. Or not it will not be a cake but a charcoal.. Hahaha...  Although its kind a tired but the effort and love I put to bake the cake is worth it. I do bake some other cakes like the cupcakes and cheesecake with blueberry topping but sadly i forgot to snap some picture. Anyway the reason for me to bake this cake is my beloved mama :) She requested for it and the reason for baking the other cakes are to release some tension during the exam week. I kind a happy when I'm done with baking and give it to my friends to have a taste of it. At least the sweetness of the cake make them feel release from the stress they have due to final exam week ...

Allah may I will always make my family, my sahabah and others happy :) May You Allah give me more talent  to make others happy :) I wanna go through the door to Jannah with them Allah. 

p/s: insyaALLAH i'll post the recipe in the future post. I don't have it now because it is in my diary back in gombak ...

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