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The land of Alexander the Great was the first city I step into on my recent Balkan trip. It takes roughly around 1 hour 10 minutes trip from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen airport to Skopje Alexander The Great Airport. The airport looks modern and have a statue of Alexander lying in the middle of it as a symbol of their pride. We then later took the airport transfer which cost around (175 denar) 2.5 euro to the Skopje Bus Terminal which is 40 minutes away from the airport. By the way, the currency used in Macedonia is Macedonian Denar. Oh yes I said yes for the trip after being ask by a sister from Malaysia by the name of Leeza.

Through out the way we can see the building looks exactly as it is back during the Yugoslavia era. The gloomy weather add in effect that make me draw a conclusion of the city seems to be like a ghost town (no offence). Upon arrival at the Terminal we grab the next ticket to Ohrid. The historical city of Macedonia. The ticket cost us around(450 denar) 7 euro per person.

It took around 3 hours from Skopje to Ohrid. The route taken by the bus mesmerized me as it goes through route in between mountains and forest. Passing through some villages, farm and rivers. As we are reaching the city of Ohrid we look to the window and saw the famous Lake Ohrid. We reached Ohrid around 5 pm and head straight to our hostel. It was located 300 m from the Bus station. We rented a room at Anastasia Villa Apartment. The room were a lil small but is comfy to rest in. I met 2 other traveller here, one from Korea and another from Turkey. I had a small chat with the one from Turkey. His name is Ismail and has been backpacking since 3 month before.
The next morning I wake up early, pray and had breakfast. Kak Leeza prepared bread with Tuna spread. A good way to start the day. We then head walk to the city center and decided to take cab halfway through. We went first to Czar Samuel Fortress which located at the highest peak of ancient city Ohrid. Upon arrival, we saw the sign showing that the place are yet to open. The taxi driver drove us to an ancient theatre which is an open space. This theatre reminds me alot of the Dionysus theatre back in Acropolis Athens. We then walk to the Fortress and at the fortress we can see the whole Ohrid from a bird eye view.

After we are done with the Fortress we head down to the lower part of the ancient city where a church of St John, Sinan Celebi Turbesi(which we looked from far), Church of Saints Clement and Panteleimon. From the Church of St John we took a boat ride around the lake Ohrid before heading to the city centre. The crystal clear water and emerald green colour is fascinating. Oh yes the taste of the Lake is slightly SALTY. The city centre were crowded with families who were out on a public holiday which is the 1st of May. The sun shine with breeze from the lake is superbly lovely. We walk back to the guesthouse and pack for our next destination.

I think Ohrid is the best city for retirement as it is so calm, the people were kind and their people are friendly too. Our next destination is Kotor in Macedonia but in order to go to Kotor we need to catch another bus from Tirana, Albania. We headed to Struga by minibus to their bus terminal to catch the next bus to Tirana but another experience were made there.


short notes:

Samuel Fortress - entrance fees 2 euros 

To be continue.....

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