Sunday, January 15, 2012

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On Friday 30/11/2011 I decided to perform Jumaah Prayer in the SHAAS Mosque, IIUM .. It's been a while since i've perform the jumaah prayer in the mosque. Although the prayer is wajib for the men, but still sister can attend it too because it is sunat for the others :) Well the reason that brought me to the mosque was the jumaah khutbah was delivered by one of the speaker during twins of faith, a week before that, Sheikh Alaa ElSayed. I was impress with the way he deliver his speech. It's simple, easy to understand and struck straight away to my heart. AllahuAllah, his word all came straight from his heart. I never see him came into the mimbar with a piece of paper neither an Ipad. This is the khatib that we want. the one who can deliver a lecture straight from heart not from note. Early preparation and full understand on the subject is important I guess.  

who are we? where will we be afterlife, we have two birthday, first was when we born and the second one is when Allah grant u taubah. Once you have made a taubah don't ever look back. the best taubah of all is taubah nasuha . be the best muslim in all our doing and do it for the sake of ALLAH not because of dunya. Turn the negative to positive. Turn the sadness to happiness. We who can change our own life not others. Be the Ummah that can make the Prophet proud. 

After all I do believed that whatever that happens, our destiny, our doing has been set by Allah. We as His servant should give our best to please Him and seek help and be close to Him not to only seek for Him in time of sadness. May all of us be the best Muslim, who can help other muslims and spread the message of Islam to the ehole world .. Ameen ya Rabb 

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