Friday, August 9, 2013

I'm feeling 22


Alhamdulillah almost a month ago i've turn 22 years old. It marks another years older and leads to maturity? *heh*
This year around the happiest moment to celebrate is because my birthday fall in the month of ramadhan,
my closest cousins came to celebrate my birthday but on  top of all I still get to blow candle and say lots of dua's.
Its all about love and happinest, its enough for me.

My wish for this 22 years is

1. To live happily

2. To serve the best as Allah hamba

3. To make my parens happy

4. To give more than to received

5. Strive for the best in all espect of life especially study

6. To start thinking of master thesis topics

7. And the most important thing is to loose weight.. haha

Well it is not impossible to grant those wishes right, u got to put the niat, execute then tawakkal.

Thank u  Allah fr the gift of life to live and iman to believed.

p/s: have faith, be happy

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