Sunday, May 20, 2012

be strong

In the time of sadness.

In the middle of problem

In the time of misseries

Please do remember

Allah is always thereto help

To listen, to care, to love,

To be there 24/7

To hold on to

To forgive

U just need to be strong

And move on.

Even if tears pouring down your cheek

Give urself a blast and burst of tears

Wipe it off when ur done and move on.

Those who don't cry will never feel life.

The next thing to do is move on

Face all obstacle.with a smile

Show others nothing can stop u

Because u have someone that u trust

Someone that u love

That will never be unfaithfull

His the only one.

Allah SWT .

-move on and never look back-

Thank you Allah

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