Monday, May 21, 2012

ahlan wa sahlan month of rejab


the time has come

after a year we wait for

the month of rejab

it marks 2month more

to the month of ramadhan

fasting, doing deeds

a great thing to do within the month

the time to practice for fast

the time to start a new life

a time to help others

and a time to make a new start

don't let the time fly meaningless

lets help others to remember

the time of glory

i hope oh Allah let me feel this time

let me do the best

let me closer to u

help me Allah to do my best

to be close to you


to understand your words


let me to understand and apply the deeds of the Prophet peace be upon u..

-let's do the best in the month of barakah, do the best for the rest-

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