Sunday, April 17, 2011

final exam is over

Assalamualaikum ... 

Thanks to Allah for giving me chance to live in this world again .. 
well recently which is last wednesday i have complete my final exam for my semester 2 session .... 
I started my paper on the 5th of April , then continue with 4 days exam marathon on the 8th till 11th of April and last paper was on 13 April . The subject that I took for this semester are as below :

Arabic language level 4 
Rise and Spread of Islam to 132H 
Intro to Fiqh 
Revealation as A Source of Knowledge
Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology
History of Russia and Muslim Eurasia

Alhamdulillah I have tried my best in answering all the paper ... and as for now i want to just leave it to Allah to decide for the best ... I can only pray for the best outcome to happens... Well i'm sure that all success will happen if we do our best and put afford on it .... 
This semester i taught me lots of thing and gave me lots of experience.... 
May the next semester gave more of it too.. 

p/s: tawakkaltu ala Allah

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