Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend with My beloved Baba


How are u all doing? May Allah ease your day.. This valuable weekend I decided to stay home with   baba. Mama is out for a training and kakak went for a conference on Sarawak... its just me and baba. Mama pick me up after innterview and Forlot pn thursday and since then i'm at home..

Well yesterday I cook asam pedas berempah as requested by baba. Help to iron his baju melayu and do some laundry are the basic things when you are home. To be honest I love doing those things because thats the only chance I have to learn and practice house skill ... A must to have skill which most of the woman in this modern world neglected. Well today, we had a pleasant morning eating fried noodle and samosa with aromatic coffee.. A great start right...

At the moment while updating this blog, i'm with my beloved baba at his dalysis centre. Well its gonna bea long day to go :) 4 hours is not a short time time. I've cook lunch too... well its not easy and frequent to have special time with your dad..oh yes not to forget my chubby cat which i left him at home..

I shall spend the time i have with baba as much as possible... to make him smile is my aim all the time...

Be strong Baba... love you always .... love till jannah!

*p/s: baba bought tabbyboo for me :)

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