Friday, July 20, 2012

ramadhan checklist


In a few hours from now, Ramadhan will start. It does remind me of ramadhan that i will never forget in my life.. Well i guess to have a great ramadhan we should have a checklist to complete the month and below are my ramadhan list :

1. Complete the recition of Al quran

2. Never skip tarawikh prayer

3. Stop any of bad deeds

4. Smile and give salaam to anyone

5. Ifthar with family and friends

6. Tadarus & dzikr all the time

7. Spend less time with phone & laptop

8. Say goodbye to rice :)

9. Never sleep back after subh prayer

10. Help the needies

There is more in the list but this is the most important thing to do. I'll try my best and ensure to istiqomah in doing it aftee the month. Its always great to start it in the month full with blessing. Well what aboutu? Have u make urself a list? U better do :)

-ramadhan month full with blessing-

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